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Hello and Welcome to Raleigh Voice Lessons. My name is Lynn Hudson  and I am your voice instructor to who will help you achieve your very best when it comes to singing. I started my voice studio many years ago to help students achieve their full potential when it comes to singing.

My private voice lessons are conducted in a relaxed space where the student can feel comfortable singing without any distractions. 

The technique I use to teach is called “Bel Canto” and is widely accepted worldwide in the classical music community and the Raleigh / Cary, NC  area. 

Some of the training you will receive covers breathing properly, tone quality, diction, and resonance, even registration, singing with no break in breathing or singing.

We accept students from teens to adults. Lessons for beginning students run thirty minutes long to one hour. 

Raleigh Voice Lessons website is designed to be informative as well as interactive.

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